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#Poetry – She Talk Too Much


The silver pin in her ‘fro
Represents her simplicity.
And she likes to keep her
Vision painted that way.
Kidnap her attention,
Spoil her with thinking
On a higher level,
Introduce her to new ideologies,
And see if she’ll submit to
Philosophies about how her people
Love, struggle, and overcome
The things that they do,
Then you have a more complex
Situation on your hands.
Because brotha man, or any man,
The knowledge on your tongue
Will be like the hug from behind
And the tender kisses on her nape
That will both calm her
And weaken her.
She’s going to be so
Deeply connected to you…
Conversational intercourse
Is what she loves to do.

© 6 April 2014
All Rights Reserved.
Photo by Heather West