“I Keep On Knocking” – @BandCalledDeath Live at Check Yo Ponytail


If you’re not familiar with this epic band called Death, then you need to experience the documentary “A Band Called Death” THEN come back and watch this video. If you are familiar with this band from Detroit that started punk rock before rock was punk, then we are both smiling. Keep on knockin’!


“I Keep On Knocking” by Death.


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Short Poem – “Effin’ Up”

I kept waiting for someone
But I never came through.
I often questioned
Who dropped the ball?
But all I could see was you.
Not me.
From my point of view,
Life is short with illusions
At the end of each rainbow.
The concrete so hard,
I can’t even look at me…

(c) 2013 All rights reserved.