Poetry – “Sayin’ Nothin’ “

Numb bliss…
I’m nothin’ at you.
But, I love you,
The hollow you.
Mr. Fine Print
You look good.
Did I overlook you?
I feel aroused, then
Satisfied when I hear
Nothingness on my radar,
Dead instincts.
Who are you?

Dumb bliss..
Lyin’ to myself,
Lyin’ on my back.
A fish for a fiend of
Your non-existent desires
Weakened me.
I craved you,
Your flesh and your tongue play.
You enjoyed me,
Played me,
Fulfilled me.
It was I that masterfully
Strummed me…
The creator and
Conductor of the
Fallen me.
I couldn’t say no,
Unable to utter nothin’.

(C) 2013


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