T.K. in the A.M. – @TKintheAM – Happy 100th Episode!

“We ridin’ whales!”


Congratulations to TastyKeish, host of the online radio show, T.K. in the A.M., on Bondfire Radio, (NY) as she celebrates her 100th episode today.

I’ve been tuning in to the show for a few months now. So, three days a week (MWF) I have to figure out the logistics of preparing for work in the morning while I simultaneously try to ear hustle as much as possible from the start of the show until almost the last half hour. During that last 30 minutes of the show (I’m on my way to the office by then) I can fully tune in and listen to great music and commentary from TK, her co-host/music director Conscious, and the interns. Sometimes I’ll get to the office, (headphones still on) and I’m either laughing, shaking my damn head, or saying “right on” in response to the energy on the show. Especially on “Air ‘Em Out Wednesdays” when TK, her crew, and her listeners go in on some very questionable human infractions. Okay, so thats just the regular ish… But YOU gotta tune in (support real radio) to find out how Tasty Keish be “ridin’ on whales”, “posin’ on panthers”, introducing you to dope artists, guests, and community movers and shakers who embody the whole Bondfire movement.

Its all about community and “no saditty.” Happy 100 T.K.!


T.K. in the A.M. airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00 am – 11:30 a.m. (EST) on Bondfire Radio or listen to the podcasts on iTunes or Spreaker.

Chat with TastyKeish and her “#TKPeeps” on Bondfire Radio or join in on Twitter.




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