Tyrese- “A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete”

I’ve obviously been in tune with Tyrese the actor over the last several years. For example, the answer to the question “What lead me to watch his 45 minute documentary ‘A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete’?” is…drum roll please… I was watching the third installment of the Fast and Furious “Tokyo Drift” last night (never seen the film in its entirety, but love the F&F franchise ).  I was really feeling the actor Hung Sang who plays Han. His quiet, philosophical demeanor is attractive. So, naturally I embarked on a Google search about him and a few articles in there is a link for an interview with Tyrese promoting the sixth installment of F&F AND his own projects. While reading the interview, I was thinking about the old “Twitter Tyrese” “oh he’s just throwing shine on himself”.  But, this is where I slap myself with a Tyrese Coca Cola commercial, a Tyrese CD, a Tyrese video, Tyrese the independent artist, Tyrese the author, Tyrese the actor, Tyrese the blockbuster franchise actor, Tyrese the father, Tyrese-started-from-the-bottom and now he’s grateful and faithful.  Yes, he went from singing beautifully on the back of a bus to driving his bus in his own lanes…

“I’ve never stopped dreaming beyond my reality.” – Tyrese Gibson

After watching “A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete” I definitely felt a reconnection with a humble artist that has evolved over the years and is amazingly inspiring. See, I have probably been guilty of “celebrity profiling” (thank you media/social media) because in my new pair of eyes, Tyrese seems like the kind of guy that I would love to invite into my living room one day and have a million healthy conversations. I’ve elevated too. I can see beyond his chocolate landscape. 😉

Enjoy the documentary…


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