I Don’t Know


If I could,
Put this void in a bottle,
And wish this
Disgusting feeling off,
Then I’d be confident first,
Instead of second to last,
Instead of sittin’ in my bubble wrap,
Instead of gawkin’ at frosted glass.

(c) 2013



  1. brian miller

    we have a few of those cop cars from toysRus on fathers day…ha.
    your poem is full of emotion…its not an easy life we would expect
    inside that bubble wrap…i like the thought of putting the void in a
    bottle as well…nice rhythm for one so short…thanks for the follow
    on twitter…smiles.

    • brownsugatou

      Ha ha.. I see that we have something in common 🙂 And if life were that easy I wouldn’t have life challenges to keep my ink going…;-) Thank you for reading my poem and also sharing your feedback! Looking forward to connecting with you!

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