Crying Foul Again – Thank You

Although you
Are gone
I am crying
Foul again.
The “plug” has
A leak, so I speak.

The blueprint,
You were not.
So, from you
Barriers to love
Is what I got.
Thank you.

My ability to
Love someone
Enough to verbally
On why I love,
Or can’t…
You gave me by
Paying no attention
Except when it
Counted to you.
Thank you.

If you were here,
If you were then,
Nothing would change
The deliverance of my words
If I had the opportunity
To go toe to toe with you.
There is a fire inside
Of me that you never
Got to personally know…
But you know because
You look down here
And see nothing but you.

So, until the next
Time I erupt,
The next we get
Together like this
And “I” speak,
Keep working on
My poetic therapy,
Keep resting in
Eternal loving peace.

Your daughter
The one you disowned
Before she was 10.
Yes, the one you marginalized
Before she knew it would
Become a scar.

(c) 2013

**Sometimes you gotta get down like this in order to heal. The last “living” form of communication that I had with my dad was via letters we wrote to each other. I gave him a piece of mind and he understood that. And I am sure that he understands today.


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