Rhymes With Up

Ok, this piece was inspired by the man listening to the radio in the McDonald’s drive thru last night. See, I am not a slave to Top 20 radio. The more I started writing I realized I was channeling a certain song (which I love) “Turn It Up” by NYOil… not biting, I’m just inspired.

Radio used to be turnt up,
But them lyrics,
Yeah, they be burnt up.
Marginalizin’ my people,
You betta step up.
Selling online freebies
Is a way up.
Or a hopeful cross between
Luck and a come up?
Music execs
Got you slaved up.
Now ya’ middle finger is
Firm like a fist pump.
You stole Freeway Ross
He got you blowin’ up.
Think you Smith & Carlos,
But what you throwin’ up?
Stop lyrically stuntin’
You know what’s up.
Why not give a fuck?
And start reversin’ up.

(c) 2013


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