Is there an aspirin for
This heartache?
A new lover for
For this pain?
This void I am
Feeling is a hole
Marked for the insane.

I fed you my trust,
Let you taste my vulnerability,
Sip on my weaknesses,
And put you in my world.

All I was about,
Was about that love,
The healthy energy
We consumed and shared.

It felt invincible.
Yeah right.
Apparently you were plottin’:
Lovin’ or leavin’ someone else.
Lovin’ leading on someone else.

I apologized to your wife.
We God Blessed each other too.

But you –
You remained silent
Like a soft spring leaf.
Please get some help.
So a woman will
Neva have to scream…

Married Ass MuthaFucka!

(C) 2012


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