Facebook Snapshots

Look (quick glance).
At a post.
Look and like (on gp).
READ (absorb some shit).
Read, like, and repost.
Read, comment, and like.
The usual routine.

Right now.
I’m lying.
Can’t cope.
It’s complicated.
I’m emotional.
Share your business.
Gather FB support.
Eff him/her.
I’m single.

Mmmm? Agree.
Agree and like.
THIS post.
Ah hell naw!
At another post.
Bullshit ass post.
Add two cents.
Disagree AND comment,
Start some shit.
(Yo ass is) Deleted.
Delete it.

Next time, BUILD.

Oh well.
Just re-up.
Add more friends.

(C) 2012 brownsugatou


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