Spoken Word Artist: Lyrical Profet


  This was tough. When I asked spoken word artist, Lyrical Profet, if I could feature one of his videos on my blog, he left that decision up to me. (Yikes) All I can say, is I HAD to pick three of his videos because I felt the varied layers of his passion for the art, for his craft and for people needed to be displayed.

  Hailing from Vallejo, CA, Lyrical Profet is NOT a one dimensional kinda cat when it does comes to his craft. Currently, he fulfills hosting duties at the open mic event Poetry By The Bay, (in Vallejo, CA), is owner of Profetic Lyrics (a musical writing company), and will be a spokesperson for the 3rd Annual California Music Industry Summit happening this June in Oakland, CA.  Many layers, and obviously an up and coming mover and shaker on the spoken word scene. BUT, back to sharing his craft. Below, are the three videos that I chose to feature from this talented  artist – “This Is My Prayer”, “Is She More”, and “You Asked For Change.” I love each video piece for different reasons. All have very poignant messages. A desire to be the voice AND backbone for current social issues resonates throughout each video. All this has turned me into a Lyrical Profet fan. Enjoy!

“…but I’m thankful even if this is my last song.”
-Lyrical Profet, “This Is My Prayer”

 “…here comes another Black Princess derived from the
 gutters and streets, of any town, city, or state.”
– Lyrical Profet, “Is She More”
 “…this is beyond black, class wars separated by
 glass doors, you asked for change.”
Lyrical Profet – “You Asked for Change”
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