*Not fine tuned because sometimes the best intentions for a poem can even lose my attention. As a poet, I just can’t sit on idle thoughts for too long. Either the thoughts are captured or they are not. I see now that I have to develop patience for both my gift and inspiration.

Its a bitch when love is scared.
Love don’t love you and,
Love don’t care.
Yeah, check that EnVogue tune.
Love can hurt but, hurt ain’t love.
Question mark.

Love can be scared
And neglected like an unwanted
Step-child by the
Always Crying Foul…

Why is your heart always
In cardiac arrest?

Remain open, don’t protest,
Less stress.
Smile, attract, embrace
Your abundant lot.
Share, don’t hog, be an asset.
Flip your dirt. act worthy,
And most importantly, digress.

Because really it ain’t just about you.

“So stop ya’ blood clot crying…
Owww.” (Biggie/Jay-Z)

Because this “end” is real simple –
Have faith.

Copyright 2011

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