Featured Poet: Jonathan Burkett

Happy National Poetry Month! It’s been a while, and sometimes I cannot control the time and space in which I update this blog. But enough about me it’s National Poetry Month and today’s post features author and poet Jonathan Burkett. He’s been featured on my blog before and believe me he’s destined to keep going places and being an inspiration wherever he goes. Sit down and take a break and immerse yourself in “Destined To Be” by Jonathan Burkett.

“Destined To Be”
In every journey there is meaning
Following growth and understanding
Though every now and then, an individual
Feels as if that predicament has no significance
Along my voyage in life
I have come across dilemma and uncertainty
Feeling Skeptical of whether or not
I was destined to
Desiring now a change in my existence
A new course in life
I have chosen to take
For I wish to no longer, live my life unfaithfully
Repenting for my sins
Taking the time to replenish
To confirm to myself
I was destined to be
Self-reliant in my goals and dreams
I’ve chosen to be, for in life
There is only one which, I can trust and depend on
To be there for me
Respectful, unto others
I’ve chosen to become
No matter the companionship
Others show unto me
On a new course in life, I must now go
Finding prosperity, and not destruction
Finding fellowship, and not revulsion
Finding brightness, and not darkness
Thinking right, and not wrong
And giving love instead of dreadfulness
A change in my life
We will now all see
To show, through all
I was destined to be

Form more information on Jonathan Burkett please visit:
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