What Happened To Me?

I used to be WHOLEHEARTEDLY supported
By DYSFUNCTIONALISM – that’s my fam!
And, yes I still give a damn.
Had my ear to the streets, BEEF,
Love/Love-me-not, knowledge and wisdom.
My heart used to beat box to the
Tune of yours, ours, with OTHERS.
I was quiet, COOL, calm, and
What happened to me?
In this new shit – my new ENVIRONMENT,
Class, “face”, and race are more
Important than your generosity
And your POTENTIAL for greatness.
I let it BEAT me down.
I now question GOD about
Who’s showing up in my life?
(Audacity at its worse.)
When the toughest challenge
Is finding my CAST in HIS haystack.
What happened to me?
Seriously what HAPPENED to ME?
I spent seven years NOT taking
A hard look at MYSELF.
And I spent SEVEN years NOT
Reaching back, NOT giving back,
And NOT looking back (word to Lauryn)
That shaped the UNBREAKABLE me –
That I used to KNOW.
What happened to ME?

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  1. brownsugatou

    LOL… I didn't mean to. I was referring to her song "Every Ghetto, Every City"… looking back, looking back, looking back. But I see how that line could be viewed both ways. 🙂 On the seven years I'm just expressing a little self-reflection – waking up to write a poem at 4 in the morning will make me do that sometimes. :-)Thank you again #sistapoet for sharing your feedback!

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