Writing Prompts: I Just Suck

Okay, so while I am being patient with inspiration I decided to try one (well two) of those writing prompts and share with the world. Sometimes my ish just stinks but, my offline friends know that I’m the master of laughing at my shortcomings. These two prompts are from a website called “The Journal”. The first poetry prompt was to write an Anaphora poem. “An Anaphora is “the repetition of a word or expression several times within a clause or within a paragraph”. In poetry the repetition of the phrase can be just at the beginning of each line, setting the tone as a meditation or a mantra, or it can be utilized more subtlety within the poem. The poem can be free verse or prose style.” This is what I came up with… I have to admit that I wasn’t quite impressed at all as this untitled piece came off as more like a call and response piece.

I say I’m damaged goods,
(Damaged goods)
But I’m not for sale,
(No not for sale).

I was just clearing my throat…
While you embezzled my hope.
Actin’ like ya shit don’t stink.
Your love, loves back
Like a dead mink.

I say I’m damaged goods,
(Damaged goods)
But I’m not for sale,
(No not for sale)

You’re damaged goods
(Damaged goods)
Oh what a sale!
(What a sale!)
Sittin’ on the clearance rack
(Clearance rack)
You guessed it,
60 percent off
‘Cause your love is so wack!

This was more like having fun at being wack, but at the same time I was getting my “release” on. We can all relate to being “damaged goods”, however I somewhat missed the mark here and created a corny chrous. I hate the feeling of attempting to write a poem that ends up with five different tree branches – basically I have to put more effort  and discipline into sticking to the theme of the poem as well as engaging the readers.

The second poetry prompt, was to write a free verse poem using “sparrows”. *Sighs* I cheated and used the singular word sparrow – *Shaking my head.* And, I don’t know, sometimes I believe having lived with an underground dirt hustler (underground rapper who manufactures his own shit) in my past,  I just can’t hide the influence even when it sucks.

The vision of my future – so narrow.
Even when my grip is unclenched,
Pendulum swingin’ from this arrow,
I’m gone master this shit –
Raw turbulence can’t obliterate the
Momentum of this sparrow…

Stop the presses, I’m done! I’ve learned what I’ve always known – that I express myself better when I write what I truly feel. I’m a rookie poet, but I know I’m not alone here. To be confined by someone else’s predetermined space and theme is still a challenge for me. No need to elaborate… this is for the rookie poets out there, I’m still trying.

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  1. Sophie

    I feel you on this piece. You've expressed it well on the challenges of sticking to the technicalities. I say writing should be fun and it was a pleasure to read this piece. 🙂

  2. Eqlektik

    Amen….I always write in a free flow form because I just can't fit my thoughts into a box….Unless I'm writing a haiku which I haven't done in a while. Continue to express your thoughts and emotions as you feel them….They are transmitted with clarity to your readers.

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