Michael Joseph Jackson

I wrote and posted this poem last year…
“The Gloved One… A Loved One”
You still bad.
The whole world is mourning you,
Like you were ALL we had.
Yeah, the music died yesterday,
And was resurrected by memories
That you gave.
The 60’s, 70’s, 80’s….
New millennium, infinity.
The Blueprint for music videos –
You authored.
A pied piper of music for many generations,
You got my grannie through, pulled my mama through,
Me through…
And now my six year old is rockin’ with you too.
You taught us that being black
AND eclectic was a perfect match.
Struggle with a class act –
Mmmmm… you authored that too.
A lil’ man wearin’ James Brown’s shoes
ABC’in and tweet, tweet, tweetin’.
Out of the J-Five,
YOU were all the way live!
The super fro, the jheri curl,
The uncurled curl, and those
Sequinned suits….
And yes…
The Moonwalk
The Glove.
Now try to trademark or copyright that!
We devoured it all Mike.
So, am I selfish when I say
50 years was not enough?
Shit, 30+ years (my time)
Of being in a
Michael Joseph Jackson
Musically induced coma
WILL make you stop thinking
Outside yourself…
Especially when it was just
… and now you’re at peace.
Copyright 2009
C. Thomas a.k.a. brownsugatou
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