For Joe N. Mays: L-O-V-E Arithmetic

*This piece was written earlier this evening
upon request…

The harder I love,
The dumber you get.

This is not rocket science,
But L-O-V-E

I didn’t divide me.
I uncovered my soul
And gave you
Two halves of me.
Do the math.

When I committed to our love,
I gave you one fourth faith,
One fourth honesty,
One fourth honor,
And one fourth trust.
But I nourished the
Whole of our being.
While you viciously
Widened the circumference
Of the hole in my heart.

I was a sucker…
But now I’m doing the math.

Statistics indicate
That I should stay.
Although I’m expected to go
And make those numbers grow.

Part of my heart remembers
Half of the good years
And half of the great times.

I sometimes long to
Be near you.
Caress you and
Kiss you
Softly until my body
Trembles at the thought of
Losing you.
Or losing it –
Exponential carnal desires
For your flesh?

Instead of loving a part of you,
And hurting all of me,
I’m walking away from
The whole you –
Sadly, a part of me too.
Do the math.

The harder I loved,
The dumber you got – about love.
It wasn’t rocket science,
But L-O-V-E

Copyright 2010

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  1. SilencioBarnes

    An interesting use of mathematics:) Very palatable although I think it could be much tighter. But considering that it's newly written, and I'm still up at 6am, I'll come back to it again after some rest :))The part that touched me the most:"Instead of loving a part of you,And hurting all of me,I’m walking away fromThe whole you -Sadly, a part of me too.Do the math."That's the essence right there and can stand as verse all on its own. Let's call it "Fractions" 😉

  2. brownsugatou

    Thank you for reading and sharing your comments Silencio 🙂 I'm still working on challenging myself when it comes to writing poetry but I kinda liked the final outcome on this piece… however any constructive criticism, especially from more experienced writers like yourself is always WELCOME! *thank you* "Fractions"???? I definitely like your thinking on that… and I'm right there with you. 🙂 Again thank you for sharing!

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