Aretha Franklin: "Amazing Grace"

“Amazing Grace”, Aretha Franklin’s best selling musical project ever is finally being turned into a concert film. I have purchased the CD twice, and the first time I was going through some hard times… Aretha’s version of “Old Landmark” saved me and still gives me chills when I hear her “sang it!”. See my poem “Brown Suga Baby”. Anyway, I am glad Sydney Pollack documented the recording of “Amazing Grace”… if it is the last movie I go see or the last DVD I ever purchase… I have lived! Here’s the trailer.(The CD also features sermons from Aretha Franklin’s late father, the Rev. C.L. Franklin – I am also hoping there is footage of him included in the film.)

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  1. LITE

    I am just as excited. Aretha's Amazing Grace was nothing short of amazing. Aretha took all her troubles to Jesus and in the process took us on a scared musical journey of uninhibited conviction and sobering confessional intensity.

  2. brownsugatou

    "Uninhibited conviction" … this definitely describes her music. There are not a lot of artists who sing with conviction these days. How you are commercially packaged is a priority in this current musical age. Sad. 😦

  3. niko

    Man, this will be such a blessing! Tears kept rolling down my face when I just saw the trailer. It will be like a time travel to a place I always wanted to be.@LITE you are so right!

  4. La Shante'

    I had portions of this monumental Live performance, but it was on a reel to reel. The thing just crumbled to pieces over the years. Does anyone know where I might find the DVD?

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