National Women’s History Month

I haven’t acknowledged National Women’s History Month yet
But let me take the time out to say the name Mo’Nique.

I couldn’t come up with any original ideas to celebrate
National Women’s History Month but I poetically spoke on
The “atrocity” that occurred to a teenage girl at Richmond High School

I know, I know, I really could have taken the time to embrace National Women’s History Month but Sandra Bullock’s faith and lazy third eye kept piercing my mind Time after time.

Man, I kinda felt like I let somebody down because I did not even post a blog
About National Women’s History Month ‘cause I was too busy (still)
Inhaling the whiff of my own mama’s strength.


Michelle Obama, mothers, daughters, sisters, grannies, aunties, sheroes,
Been-there-when-we-were-called-negroes, cotton pickers,
Lucille, Maya, Pearl S. Buck, Mary McLeod Bethune and Victoria Claflin Woodhull…

Let me stop and wrap myself in the glory of “my” Laura Chinchilla.

Nah, I don’t feel bad about not at least mentioning National Women’s History Month,
‘Cause I realized that I was already seeking knowledge at that party,
I am that party, we are that party, “y’all” just tardy.

Just ranting and definitley NOT hating on National Women’s History Month.

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