“It only comes through me. It is meant to be shared with as many as it can reach.” – Dwayne Morgan

“The most beautiful expression of art that one could give to a woman/to women.” – brownsugatou, regarding The Sum of Her Parts Photo Poem

The Sum of Her Parts was orignally showcased as a photo exhibit in 2008. Like Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”… It’s timeless and a long time coming. 

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Dwayne Morgan is a poet, writer, performer, producer, entrepreneur, photographer and founder of the entertainment company, Up From The Roots. For more information please visit:
Up From The Roots

(Really, there is a whole lot more to this talented and extraordinary individual. This ain’t the end… the pages of brownsugatou is looking to explore more from Dwayne Morgan.)

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One comment

  1. Vizionheiry

    Though I hate how he is bordering on the "spoken word" cadence, I digs the poem atop the humming with handclaps. Would buy it on itunes as a single so it works!

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