R.I.P.: "The Daddy" MacArthur Walton

My first and number one blog fan.
Mr. Walton didn’t know how he moved and encouraged me to “write” on… with my blog, with my poetry. And for a while he was my ONLY fan and I thank him for taking the time out when he could to read my blog as he always highlighted/featured other bloggers as well on his own blog. But it was Mr. Walton that had the award winning blog (www.daddybstrong.blogspot.com) and rightfully so. His blog never fell short of being informative, eduational, encouraging, humorous, and entertaining. Most of all he spoke the truth and highlighted the history of African Americans in his own way. He was also a man of many other talents: author, poet, Family Violence Prevention Coordinator, youth counselor, and president of Cultural Dynamics, Inc…. and those were only a few hats that he wore.
I was saddened to read about his passing last night… but I know his spirit lives on and through the lives of the people that he touched, counseled, fought for and encouraged. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and all that loved him.
Please visit Mr. Walton’s blog which still has some great content as well as words from his fans and friends who remember “the Daddy”. You can also read about how through his work of counseling how he obtained his nickname. 🙂 DaddyBStrong.
Below is a link to Mr. Walton’s book “The Rebellious Sixties? Yes, I Remember”.  His other book entitled, “Miles to Go Before I Sleep: Lessons in Living With Cancer Today” can also be found on lulu.com.


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