Men Lie About Their Grade Level, Not Their Age

Did you say, “how did brownsugatou come to this conclusion?”

My son was outside playing with his friend David the other day.

David knocked on the door, I open it and my son was in tears. His friend says “Armand called me a preschooler!” Armand initially tried to deny it, started crying again then admitted that he called David a preschooler (David is in the 2nd grade by the way). I talked to Armand about calling his friend a name then made him apologize.

However, the real question in my mind was why did Armand call David a preschooler in the first place?

Answer: David called him a first grader.(????) However, Armand IS in the 1st grade.

Turns out, Armand was trying to impress a friend, a girl, who happens to be in the 3rd grade by telling her that he’s also in the 3rd grade. So, his ego got bruised when David called him – a 1st grader.

I’m just sayin’, men don’t lie about their age!


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