I can’t even blame this on a writer’s block. Feedburner, Twitter (I’m tolerating this new gadget), SEO (search engine optimization), declined by, Brownsugatou just realized that she has a long way to go in terms of sharing her poetry and mingling with others on the world wide web! Yes, I am going bananas but I am not one to give up. This is unlike posting poetry on a forum at a cool site and getting responses. From what I have read briefly online, it takes time, energy, persistence, quality content, some SEO savvy and you gotta post, post, post to draw traffic to your web blog and maintain readership. But it’s okay I find that I do lack time to devote to this weblog. But the small amount of time I spend “managing” this blog is sometimes therapeutic for me – writing new poems and absorbing my old pieces. But I have some lessons to learn… Generating Blog Traffic 101 and Maintaining Readership for Dummies. Some web company would be nice! However, I will be one of few bloggers to say that I will be patient with myself and with the traffic that might eventually trickle over to this blog! In the meantime, MacDaddy (please check out his informative blog at maybe I’ll enter the Guinness Book of World Records for having just one reader/follower! I don’t listen do I?

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  1. Guest

    Making time for blogging can be hard. But I know you can do it. If I can, anyone can. A lot of people love poetry all over the world. Just blog a little more. One quick tip: When you get commenters, respond to them as quickly as possible. Then they’ll come back. Blessigs.

  2. Guest

    Greetings new guest! Thank you for commenting and for providing the tip about responding back to comments quickly. I’ll treasure it and implement it. 🙂 And I agree everyone loves poetry. Thanks for the motivation. Sending blessings right back to you! brownsugatou

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