He Don’t Understand

Communication. Communication. Communication. So integral in relationships whether they are blossoming or have stood the test of time. I’ll be the first to admit that I am both strong and sometimes fail at communicating – but I don’t mind learning and trying something different. This next piece is a definite result of trying something different. I wrote it and shared it with the person that my feelings were directed at… and wow talk about a cup overflowing with a river of good vibes. Enjoy!

He Don’t Understand.

Really he doesn’t.
How it’s hard to.
Put one’s vulnerability on the line.
When I sacrifice time.
My son and mine’s.

No he doesn’t understand.
How I appreciate what we share.
Yes it’s divine.

If I could give 100% and then some.
I would.
I try.
And I do.

No he doesn’t’ understand.
I’m often the target of Baby Daddy attacks.
I work my 9-5 plus nine.

I give and get some time.
When its given.
I choose selectively

When I get it.
I take it.
And it’s usually the best damn.
Two minute vacation

No he doesn’t understand.
That I really do appreciate.
The new friendship.
The sharing.
The giving.
The listening.
The laughter.
And the sound of creativity.

The sound of creativity.

This is the beautiful sum of all my negativity?

Then, yeah, the King will understand…
the Queen is just having one of her moments.

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas a.k.a. brownsugatou

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