Your Daddy’s Daddy’s Daddy…

I’ve had too many conversations this week about the impact of fatherless children with my adult friends and relatives. brownsugatou used to get a little angry sometimes too. And when I DID I let my pen talk about my PAST hurt, my pain… but I’ve learned to forgive my father who is now deceased, myself (yes myself) and my son’s father also. However, I was none too kind with the pieces I wrote, Daddy (In You and Me) and Baby Mama Blues. Have you made peace with an absent parent? Would you if given the opportunity?

Daddy (In You and Me)

You know that’s really phucked up
What you did
Nah, really fucked up
You had those kids

It’s really jacked up
How you siphoned my heart
Of unconditional love

I try to pretend
That these years of pain
Are not balled up inside my brain

Never reached back for
Lilly, Gwen, and me
Your fatherless set of three

Now, I and we have had
Straight bitches for men
Also raised by a single wo(man)

So I’ll depend on God to show
Me the way
To give and receive love
In that special way
‘Cause I have

Just ranting my but off!

© 2006 C. Thomas a.k.a. brownsugatou

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